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FB Moulds designs and produces injection moulds for thermoplastic materials.
It boasts a select client-base, whose repeat business bears testament to their trust in this mould manufacturer that contributes to maintaining the high standards of the sector under the "made in Italy" mark.  
Thanks to our flexible organisational structure and extensive experience, we can identify and offer clients the best solution for their needs.
A 360° service, which involves handling the project right up to the testing phase and includes installation at the client's premises if required.
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We specialise in producing:
  • Multi-cavity hot cast moulds made, in part, using systems produced by the company
  • Stack moulds, particularly recommended to obtain the maximum output from the press
  • Moulds for threaded details, made using unscrewing devices operated by hydraulic motor or electric gearmotor
  • Moulds for thin-wall items
  • Moulds for cutlery
  • Moulds for the food industry (glasses, food containers and lids of various shapes and sizes)
  • IML moulds
  • Moulds for caps
  • Moulds for medical products (urine sample containers, test tubes, petri dishes)
Moulding department
Thanks to its new moulding department, FB Moulds works with plastic materials, combining its mould-manufacturing experience with the opportunity to use latest-generation, constantly evolving technology to make the most of the potential offered by its moulds.
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                 23-26 Maggio 2017                         Venite a trovarci presso lo stand RP Injection

                                13-16 Giugno 2017                         Venite a trovarci presso lo stand RP Injection

                             02-06 Ottobre 2017                         Venite a trovarci presso lo stand RAORSA Maquinaria S.L.

                                         17-21 Ottobre 2017                         Venite a trovarci presso lo stand RP Injection

           26 Maggio - 01 Giugno 2018                        Venite a trovarci presso lo stand RP Injection


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