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Moulds for Cutlery

FB Moulds can oversee your cutlery mould design and production process from the initial cutlery design right through to the mould testing phase, offering guidance to help you choose the mould that best meets your needs.
Maximum productivity and increasingly faster cycles are required to remain competitive in today's cutlery market.  Thanks to its expertise in the sector, FB Moulds can offer you customised solutions, integrated with high-speed automation systems for collecting, stacking and packing the pieces, in order to minimize moulding times and increase efficiency.

The plastic disposable cutlery market is one of the most competitive markets, requiring a low cost product that meets the hygiene requirements set out under international standards.
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Foto stampo posate
Foto stampo posate
Moulds for containers and IML

Fb Moulds is an international player in the thin-wall packaging sector. We satisfy our clients' requests while offering reduced cycles, high performance and consistent parameters and, crucially, keeping the weight of the piece to a minimum.  We use a cooling system, hot chambers and specific steels to produce long-lasting, low maintenance moulds.
All thin-wall packaging moulds, with or without IML, must be produced according to fast cycle times and consistent parameters and be guaranteed to last, in order to produce thin walls and guarantee a lower piece weight, resulting in a lower cost.  
Moulds must be of sufficiently high quality to keep maintenance to a minimum, and all cavities should be interchangeable, separate and independent, to allow the mould to evolve with the product itself.
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Moulds for caps and closures

FB Moulds designs and produces moulds for caps and closures. Our long-standing, extensive experience in this field means we can offer fast-cycle moulds with a high number of cavities to ensure maximum productivity.

All moulds for caps are designed and produced to meet the needs of a very heterogeneous and varied market, and must be highly reliable and offer very fast cycles.

Caps can be simple, using tear-off techniques, or complex, using mechanical, electric or hydraulic unscrewing mechanisms.
Materials range from the standard PP and PE, to PETG.
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